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13 BATTERY CABLES PAGES 13 THRU 23 Battery Cables Battery cables are made of 100% copper conductor for maximum current flow. Gravity cast terminals are non-porous and made with 100% recycled lead. Lead is recognized as the premium choice in battery cable terminal construc- tion because of its maximum current flow carrying ability, malleability, and corrosion resistance. Full gauge stranded copper core is flexible for easy installation and allows maximum current for quick starting. Copper core extends to the end of the plated lug to give a one piece solid connection. Wire meets SAE standards. ALL EAST PENN MANUFACTURED LEAD PRODUCTS ARE BUILT WITH 100% RECYCLED LEAD ALLOY. • Packaged Battery Cables • Bulk Battery Cables • Specialty Cables • Quick Connect ™ Splices • See page 110 for custom cable information visit for application info