Deka & Marine Master

59 WIRE AND CABLE PAGES 59 THRU 98 Wire and Cable East Penn manufactures a complete line of automotive, marine, and commercial wire and cable products on site. Copper rod is drawn into fine strands and bunched to form a conductor. The conductor is then jacketed in one of our many extrusion lines before being packaged onto spools, reels, or drums. All wire and cable is RoHS and REACH compliant and built to meet SAE, UL, and/or CSA specifications. • Primary Wire • GXL Cross-Linked Polyethylene Wire • SXL Cross-Linked Polyethylene Wire • Starter Cable • SGX Cross-Linked Polyethylene Wire • Welding Cable • UL/CSA 1015 Single Conductor Wire • UL 1426/CSA Tinned Wire and Cable • Bonded Parallel • Automotive Duplex, Triplex, Quadraplex • Trailer Cable Wire • Booster Cable Wire MEMBER OF MEMBER OF National Marine Manufacturers Association American Boat & Yacht Club MEMBER OF National Association of Trailer Manufacturers