Deka & Marine Master

94 PAGE 94 ABS TRAILER CABLE WIRE Part # Length Packaging MC Qty. Weight Rotation 04917 100' Reel (B) 1 43 lbs. Wht/Brn/DkGrn/Red/Yel/Blk/Blu 04918 500' Reel (F) 1 220 lbs. Wht/Brn/DkGrn/Red/Yel/Blk/Blu 14878 1000' Factory Reel (F) 1000 417 lbs. Wht/Brn/DkGrn/Red/Yel/Blk/Blu 12/4-10/2-8/1 Gauge Stranding 65/30-105/30-168/30 Nominal OD 0.690 Green Jacket General-purpose primary wires encased in high quality green PVC jacket. Specially designed for durable use meeting the demands of anti-lock braking systems. Consists of 8 gauge ground wires, two 10 gauge stop-lamp, constant power circuit wires, and four circuit wires for power other lamps. All-copper stranded core is highly conductive maximizing current transfer while remaining flexible for easy installation. Heavy-duty compact cable protects insulated conductors against weathering, chemicals, and abrasion. Color-coded conductors enable easy identification. Voltage: Rated at 60 Volts or less Temperature: Rated –50°C (–58°F) to 80°C (176°F) Specifications: Inner wires meet SAE J1128, SAE J378, SAE J2394 • Spiral striping of inner wires of this product is available. Please refer to page 110 for details. ABS TRAILER CABLE WIRE – RATED 80°C Print Legend: EPM SAE J2394 (2/13) TYPE F 12/4-10/2-8/1 ABS TRAILER CABLE -55°C (-67°F) / 80°C (176°F) MADE IN USA Note: letter in parenthesis designates spool ID, see page 111.