Rail Signal

Performance, combined with cost benefit and a truly sustainable solution, make the Deka Unigy II the clear winner in rail signal applications. Deka lead based batteries are the safe and reliable solution for this this critical market.

The global growth of harvesting renewable energy resources is moving faster than ever before. The need for optimizing these resources is critical to support its growth. East Penn is committed to being on the forefront of new technologies that will…
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East Penn is always working to bring new battery technology and solutions to optimize energy services to the grid. We are deeply committed to helping create an electrical grid that will function more efficiently and deliver more affordable, reliable service…
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When it comes to the performance of your UPS system, battery failure is not an option. You need instant, reliable backup power – it’s the only way to protect your vital information or sustain your critical emergency systems.

Telecommunications Solutions The use of wireless communication devices continues to grow at an exponential rate. To keep the worldwide infrastructure of cellular towers and wire lines running at optimal levels, installing a dependable system of batteries that deliver instantaneous reserve…
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