Deka & Marine Master

08863 4 ga. Side, Dual Lead 08864 4 ga. Top, Dual Lead 08865 4 ga. Top, Single Lead 08866 4 ga. Side, Single Lead 08867 1 ga. Top, Single Lead 07671 1 ga. DIN Top, Single Lead 07672 1 ga. DIN Top, Dual Lead 08868 1 ga. Side, Single Lead 08869 4 ga. Lug, Single Lead 08859 4 ga. Lug, Dual Lead Remove damaged terminal Scan to see an installation video Connect splice to battery Attach repair splice to cables Strip back cable insulation QUICK CONNECT ® BATTERY CABLE REPAIR SPLICES Many of today’s vehicles are designed with an entire battery harness assembly instead of a simple battery cable. Replacing these harnesses is expensive and difficult. A much easier and practical solution is to only replace the terminal end with a Battery Cable Repair Splice for a secure OEM style fit. Quickly repair the damaged portion of expensive OE cable harness