Global Initiatives

Building Global Presence

East Penn’s global presence is stronger than ever. Expanding our reach allows us to better serve our customers in all corners of the world.

East Penn Canada logo

East Penn Canada

East Penn Canada is a major player in the automotive aftermarket for battery products, and a growing force in motive power and stationary backup power battery applications. They service thousands of customer locations across Canada.

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East Penn International logo

East Penn International

Headquartered in Wujiang, China, EPI serves the needs of our multinational customers throughout China and the entire Asia-Pacific market.

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Ecoult logo


Located in Australia, Ecoult is an energy storage solutions company acquired by East Penn in 2010. Using the hybrid, long-life lead-acid UltraBattery® technology, Ecoult solutions are the ideal energy choice for wind and solar farms, grid ancillary services, and remote microgrids.

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MK Battery logo

MK Battery

Acquired by East Penn in 1995, MK Battery provides sealed battery solutions for specialized, deep cycle and standby power applications. With one of the most extensive distribution systems for sealed batteries, MK Battery brands are proudly sold and distributed on all seven continents.

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Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Technical joint ventures and partnerships with Banner GmbH in Austria, Gonher de Mexico, Acumaladores Duncan in Venenzuela, Acumuladores Moura S.A. in Brazil, and Exide Industries Limited in India have expanded our reach into some of the fastest growing global markets, strengthening our market position and customer service throughout the world.