It Starts with People.

Our employees are at the heart of what makes East Penn so amazing. That was our philosophy in 1946, and it remains so today. People are the reason we’ve achieved an annual growth rate that more than doubles the industry average.

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Family Focus

A family-owned enterprise, we are strongly committed to fostering an atmosphere that honors the contributions of every employee. These contributions are celebrated in many ways – from open houses, contests and special days for kids and retirees to the annual company picnic that’s attended by over 11,000 Pennsylvania-based employees and their family members.

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best place to work

For more than a decade, we’ve had the distinction of being one of Pennsylvania’s Best Places to Work. Our open-door management policy, comprehensive benefits package, bonus program for all personnel, and career advancement opportunities are just some of the ways we show our employees how incredibly valued they are.

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employee longevity

Our employees represent new hires with fresh perspectives working alongside dedicated, long-term team members with expertise in all facets of the business. Over 35 percent of employees have more than 10 years of service, with close to 1,600 of those employees having over 20 years tenure and more than 100 employees have 40 or more years with us.  It’s not uncommon for employees to have two or three generations of family who have worked at East Penn.