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With more than 250 quality control checks built into the manufacturing process, a Pro Master Battery guarantees superior performance of floor scrubbers or floor sweepers – every time.

Floor Care Equipment Batteries:

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With over 90 warehouses and distribution centers in North America, East Penn is here to service your delivery and core return needs through one powerful network.

Whether it’s store-door or direct delivery programs, our network of company-owned and operated facilities and premier sales and service staff delivers the industry’s leading logistical support and highest customer satisfaction levels.


East Penn is one of the only battery manufacturers to make all types of flooded, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), and Gel technologies. This gives customers a powerful choice and reliable information source for these lead-acid battery products.

We also offer the exclusive UltraBattery® and Synergy technologies for partial state-of-charge transportation applications. UltraBattery technology combines the advantages of an Advanced VRLA battery with the advantages of an asymmetric supercapacitor, while our Synergy battery technology offers one of the most cost-effective solutions that is ideal for Micro or Mild HEVs.

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