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COVID-19 – UPDATE – April 3, 2020


COVID-19 – Update – April 3, 2020  – PDF


April 3, 2020

Dear Co-Workers:

These have been times like none we have ever seen. The types of decisions that needed to be made, in the
timeframe that we had to make them, are unprecedented for this company, the United States, and even the
world. Even though the dust is not at all settled, we strongly feel the need to share with you more of what
has transpired, and why, over the last two weeks.

When the Governor’s order was given with very short notice and a list of what was considered non-life
sustaining businesses, we took this order seriously. We stopped production based on the information
issued by the Governor’s office. Shortly after, we requested a waiver based on the fact that we are truly an
essential and life sustaining business according to Federal and State guidelines. We support many
operations and infrastructure critical to our Nation, such as transportation for all vehicles including
emergency and delivery vehicles, communications, disaster recovery, medical equipment, home mobility,
cellular and data networks, food industries and other vital supply chain support, energy reliability and cyber
security – all very critical during the current battle against COVID-19.

We felt it was the right thing to do to petition the government to restart our manufacturing operations. This
was an extremely difficult decision process as we weighed many potential outcomes with the management
team, all with the utmost concern for the health, safety, livelihood, and well-being of our employees. Also,
with the urgency of supporting our customers and their essential operations during these difficult times.

Once our petition to operate was approved, we felt the responsible decision for our employees, customers,
community, and Nation was to restart production and do so gradually in a way that would support social

As we previously stated, we have never been through a time like this and it is our sincerest prayer that we
will never have to experience it again. What we need now is unity, prayers, fortitude, and grace –
continually looking out for our neighbor and holding on to the hope that we will eventually be even stronger
than before. Whether you are working right now or not, on behalf of the Breidegam and Miksiewicz Family
and management, we appreciate you with all our hearts. We wish we could tell you when we will be back to
normal, but things are changing daily. What we can tell you is that we will continue to communicate and do
our best to keep you updated during the ever-changing situation.

We will work together as a team, like we always have, to be the company that has continued to serve our
employees and customers for almost three quarters of a century, and will continue on in the years ahead.

Our very best to all of you,

Dan Breidegam         Chris Pruitt          Bob Flicker      Christy Weeber
     Chairman            CEO/President           COO                       CFO