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Deka Fahrenheit Brings High-Powered 2-volt Battery Solution to Telecom & CATV/Broadband Outside Plant (OSP) Applications

East Penn Manufacturing, Co., has announced that its revolutionary Deka Fahrenheit product line now includes solutions that offer a 2-volt high powered system.

These high heat solutions build on the decades of proven field life demonstrated by the Deka Unigy II battery product.

The Deka Fahrenheit is designed to thrive in the uncontrolled high temperature environments typical of telecommunications, Cable TV, and Broadband Outside Plant (OSP) applications due to its’ Thermal Management Technology System. Supported by extensive Telcordia life testing and independent field studies, its exclusive design has shown to last up to 3 times longer in high heat applications than standard VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) product at 60°C. This not only saves significant cost from reducing the need of expensive cooling systems, but also conserves the energy that powers these systems while reducing the site’s Carbon footprint.

The Deka Fahrenheit Thermal Management Technology System features a Micro Catalyst, Helios Additive, and a TempX Inhibitor Alloy. The Micro Catalyst lowers float current, mitigates thermal buildup, and prevents cell dry out. An exclusive Helios Additive in the negative plate decreases float current by up to 75% to withstand the effect of high heat while increasing life in higher temperatures. On the positive plate, a unique TempX Alloy blend impedes corrosion even under the high temperature extremes.

In addition to its Thermal Management Technology, Deka Fahrenheit batteries have optimized power capacities along with consistent cell-to-cell voltages critical to long-life reliability.

Available in multiple configurations, the Deka Fahrenheit 2-volt has a range of 81 AH – 1789 AH, providing customers a highly customizable solution for their OSP needs.  The 2-volt Deka Fahrenheit offering is yet another East Penn innovation to a product line known for its high-powered performance, safety, quality, recyclability, and sustainability.