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East Penn Announces Expansion of Intimidator AGM Marine Batteries

East Penn Manufacturing is expanding its line of Intimidator AGM marine batteries.

East Penn’s Intimidator brand will now replace the company’s former marine AGM brand, the Deka SeaMate. The Intimidator marine line now includes a full offering of AGM battery technology with the perfect combination of starting, dual purpose, and deep cycle power.

The complete line of Intimidator marine products will serve as a single source of Intimidator branded, innovative AGM power solutions.

Intimidator marine batteries have 2x the cycle life of conventional flooded designs so they provide more accessory power longer. They are also 20x more resistant to vibration, and are built with an enhanced durability that withstands multiple recharging or heavy deep discharges typical of marine use. Their premium leakproof, maintenance-free design has pioneered a new era in battery convenience, safety, and power that no boat or personal watercraft owner should be without.

The Intimidator’s flat plate design optimizes efficiency by making full use of the available battery space. Its complete use of internal space ensures a better fit, with less retrofit, while providing maximum power and true maintenance-free performance.