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East Penn Awarded by Pennsylvania Water Environmental Association

East Penn was awarded by the Pennsylvania Water Environmental Association (PWEA) with the Industrial Waste Excellence Award in June of 2014. The Industrial Waste Excellence Award recognizes outstanding performance in wastewater or hazardous/solid waster facility design, research, and/or operations as they relate to protection of surface and groundwater within Pennsylvania.

The Industrial Waste Pretreatment Committee submits nominations for the Industrial Waste Excellence Award to the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee chose East Penn to be the recipient of this year’s award.

East Penn operates two ultramodern wastewater distillation and treatment plants that treat and reuse wastewater so that it is of exceptional purity for use in new battery products. These facilities reduce groundwater use from on-site wells by as much as 100,00 gallons per day. We also recover sodium sulfate salt as a byproduct of the water treatment process. Almost 7 million pounds per year is sold for use in manufacturing of glass products.

Organizations nominated for this award must demonstrate compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Environmental achievements and potential costs savings through implementation of acceptable measures of compliance are also a significant consideration.

A special congratulations to our Environmental staff and all East Penn employees for your recognized efforts in leading the industry in Environmental protection standards.