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East Penn Introduces New Deka Unigy 12AVR170ET Battery Design

East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. introduces the new 12AVR170ET. This front access, 12-volt battery offers 170 Amp Hours (@ 8 hr. rate to 1.75 final volts/cell) of power. The 170ET maximizes its power offering while fitting into many of the same cabinets as the 150ET with less than an inch of additional height required. For example, a 48-volt/170 A.H. battery system will fit into a 23-inch relay rack tray.

All Deka Unigy Batteries use pure lead alloyed with tin, which gives the product higher corrosion resistance. These batteries feature an exclusive individual plate formation process to optimize cell voltage and performance providing dependability and long life. Each plate is hand inspected to ensure full formation.

The 170ET utilizes space saving absorbed glass mat (AGM) construction to maximize performance. Along with a high power and space saving design, its front access terminals makes it easier to install and perform routine maintenance checks.

The 170ET is designed specifically for long discharge telecommunication applications such as Cellular, PCS and Outside Plant Cabinets. Proven epoxy-sealed posts and recessed terminals prevent post leakage concerns. In addition, reinforced flame-retardant, polypropylene cases resist bulging and meet safety requirements (rated 28 LOI). This battery is designed to deliver 10 years in full float applications at 77?F (25?C) with the proper charging care and maintenance. The design and construction of the 170ET meets UL recognition requirements and the performance meets or exceed IEEE 485 and Telcordia capacity requirements. The design is pending IATA approval.

East Penn is a leading manufacturer of high quality lead-acid batteries and accessories for the telecommunications, UPS, automotive, commercial,  marine, and motive power markets. The company’s quality and environmental systems for its entire 520-acre complex have been certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, and ISO 14001:2004 requirements. For more information contact East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc., Lyon Station, PA 19536 or visit the company web site at