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East Penn Invests in Commercial Truck Battery Technology That Helps Reduce Downtime and Emergency Repair

East Penn is pleased to announce the new launch of its Fahrenheit battery technology for commercial truck applications. With over three-quarters of all freight in the US being moved by commercial trucks, intense pressure has been placed on those who operate, manage, service, specify or maintain a fleet. Investing in more dependable batteries that can handle today’s rigorous needs means fleets run longer, operations run smoother, customers are happier, and drivers and mechanics are faced with less emergency service and unexpected repair.

Fahrenheit is the only battery with Thermal Shielding Technology designed to extend battery life in the midst of increasing battery box temperatures, varying climates traveled, and increasing key-off power demands.

The company has released a new website with more information about how Fahrenheit can help today’s fleets at The site features a Fahrenheit Hotline contact form to help directly answer any product or application related questions. It also includes tools, video, and other resources to help our Nation’s most critical means of distribution win the fight with Fahrenheit against downtime and emergency repair.