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East Penn Promotes Executive into Expanded Role

East Penn Manufacturing Co. has promoted Chris Pruitt to the position of Chief Executive Officer and President effective January 1, 2018.

Mr. Pruitt has been with the company since May of 1994. He joined East Penn as the Controller and has held numerous financial positions including Chief Financial Officer in 1999 and President in 2014. Mr. Pruitt has played an instrumental role within the company over the past 23 years working closely with the Breidegam family and senior managers in successfully overseeing many critical areas of the business.

With this transition, former CEO, Dan Langdon, announced his retirement after 32 years of service, and will now transition to a role on the Board of Directors. Since assuming the role of CEO in 2014 and President in 1994, Mr. Langdon has worked in collaboration with the Breidegam family and an accomplished leadership team to help the company achieve significant growth that has earned him the highest level of respect among his fellow co-workers and other industry leaders.

“We cannot thank Dan Langdon enough for the tireless service and leadership that he has brought to this company,” said Dan Breidegam, Chairman. “My family and I are pleased to continue to work with Chris to help move this company forward. He has been a pillar in our company, as well as the community, and he will continue to uphold my family’s vision and values.”

“We would all like to congratulate Dan Langdon on his retirement and sincerely thank him for his leadership,” said Bob Flicker, COO. “As we move into the New Year, we will continue to build the company and carry on the legacy of those who came before us. I will continue to work with Chris Pruitt, Dan Breidegam, and our leadership team over the next few years to prepare our company for the next generation.”