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East Penn Releases Bulletin for Marine and RV Dealers

East Penn Manufacturing has just released a new technical bulletin available to all Deka Marine and RV dealers and consumers that helps select the correct battery for any purpose. With an expanding array of battery designs (e.g. flooded, AGM, gel, deep cycle, starting and now dual purpose) choosing the correct battery for an application can be confusing. This new bulletin is an analysis of different battery designs and the optimization of their use within the intended application. This information can serve as an invaluable tool in helping the user select the appropriate battery type to match individual needs.

East Penn produces a complete line of starting, deep cycle and dual purpose Deka Marine Master flooded, Deka Dominator Gel and Deka Sea Mate AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries for Marine, RV and special applications. This diverse product offering enables East Penn to be objective as to the advantages and disadvantages of each type of battery. This new selection guide is available on line at or write to the company and request a copy.

East Penn is a leading manufacturer of high quality lead-acid batteries and accessories for the marine, automotive, telecommunications, industrial, commercial, and stationary markets. The company’s quality systems for its entire 480-acre complex have been certified to ISO 9001:2000 and QS 9000:1998 requirements. The company’s Wire and Cable division has been certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System requirements. The company claims to have the largest, most modern single-site manufacturing facility in the world. For more information contact East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc., Lyon Station, PA 19536 or visit the company’s web site at