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Fahrenheit Battery Technology Sponsors Fit to Pass to Support Healthy Drivers

Over the road truck drivers spend countless hours behind the steering wheels of their cabs each year. Logging mile after mile from the driver’s seat can take a toll on a driver’s health. Having limited opportunities to be active and eating on the road make it tough for driver’s to keep fit. But just like fleets need to maintain their trucks, drivers have to maintain their personal health.


That’s why Fahrenheit Battery Technology is proud to sponsor Fit to Pass, a successful coaching program designed to improve the health of professional drivers. Developed by Espyr® and Bob Perry (The Trucker Trainer™), Fit to Pass is easy, effective and extremely beneficial, both for drivers and employers. Following the program keeps drivers on the road, helps retain experienced, skilled drivers, saves on hiring and training new drivers, reduces driver sick days and increases overall productivity.


“We are delighted that Fahrenheit battery technology has joined us in supporting CDL driver health. Fahrenheit’s sponsorship will help us in getting the word out about Fit to Pass, and that will help more drivers pass their DOT re-certification physical exams. Just like it’s important to protect the life of your batteries so that your trucks can operate at peak performance, we want our Nation’s drivers to be as healthy as they can be so that they can live their lives to the fullest. Fit to Pass will protect CDL driver’s livelihoods and saves skilled drivers for operators,” remarked Rick Taweel, Espyr CEO.


Fahrenheit Battery Technology is proud to sponsor such an important initiative. We highly value employee health and driver safety. We are excited to partner with Fit to Pass to keep drivers fit, fleets on the road, and trucks operating at peak performance.

Espyr has been helping employees achieve and maintain good health – so they can perform at their best – for 30 years. Espyr’s industry- leading Behavioral Health Coaching and Assistance Programs, are relied on by clients in the most challenging occupations, including Fit to Pass, a coaching program to assist professional drivers in achieving good health and pass their DOT re-certification physical exams. For more information on Fit to Pass, go to For more information on Espyr, go to


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