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Following is an update on East Penn’s Ecoult Australian Division

East Penn will be ceasing investment in the Australian operations of its wholly owned subsidiary, Ecoult. East Penn acquired Ecoult in May 2010. Ecoult developed battery management software and complete module solutions for custom integration into energy storage applications. These solutions utilized the UltraBattery® lead battery technology that was manufactured here in Lyons Station, PA.


The decision to consolidate to our Lyons Station facility was based on multiple factors including evolving market strategies and changes in the energy storage sector as well as streamlining operations and communications. Any open projects will be transitioned by the third quarter of 2020 to Lyons Station, PA. East Penn will continue to pursue business in Energy Storage with premium Deka® battery products in the grid utility and renewable energy marketplace. However, system integration continues to be a challenge within this highly competitive environment.


Partial State-of Charge service remains a valid path for the lead battery industry to attain consistent high performance against the wide range of power profiles encountered in energy storage and other cycling applications. The UltraBattery will continue to be developed for automotive, motive power, and reserve power applications.