Yard Jockeys with CDL




  • Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License with Endorsements for Air Brakes and Hazmat.
  • Literate with good communication and math skills.



  • Driving a diesel or gasoline powered straight van with a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 33,000 pounds.
  • Taking trips that may range from, 1 day to 5 days in length.
  • Delivering and picking up freight from specified locations, such as warehouses, stores, industrial plants, railroad yards, shipping piers and small businesses.
  • Verifying actual shipments against shipping documentation.
  • Driving to specified locations, applying knowledge of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations state and local driving laws, hazardous materials regulations, and highway navigation, and skill in maneuvering a vehicle in various situations, such as narrow passageways, heavy traffic, and adverse weather conditions.
  • Inspecting the vehicle for mechanical and safety defects before and after each trip, and submit a report indicating the vehicle condition.
  • Maintaining a Driver’s Daily log according to Federal regulations.
  • Preparing shipping papers for freight received.
  • Interacting with customers when delivering or receiving freight or collecting payment for goods delivered.
  • Calculating payment due for goods delivered or credit due for goods returned.
  • Maintaining telephone or radio contact with dispatcher to receive instructions.
  • Assisting in loading or unloading with a pallet truck or forklift as appropriate.
  • Placing deliveries at the delivery site according to the customer instructions, including rotation of stock.
  • Performing emergency roadside repairs such as changing tires, installing light bulbs, fuses or tire chains.

Job Application

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