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Decrease downtime and increase profitability with Deka industrial motive power batteries. Our Lift Truck Selector Guide makes it easy to find the correct battery for your equipment.

Find what you need, fast. Deka is pleased to offer our customized application guide.

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Find what you need, fast. East Penn Deka is pleased to offer our all-new lift truck guide. Get the right battery for your specific equipment and industrial or warehouse application. 

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All Deka industrial batteries are backed by a nationwide network of qualified sales personnel and service technicians who are always ready to handle emergency repair and preventive maintenance needs. This network of locations in North America consists of a qualified and dedicated independent dealer network, national sales branches, and subsidiaries – all exclusive to Deka products. Comprehensive support includes technical advice and assistance, proper battery care and maintenance training, annual battery and charger audits, water analysis, discharge testing, manuals, and safety videos. The service network also has loaner and rental batteries and a battery and charger inventory on-site for quick delivery, extensive part inventories, and technical assistance.


Our vast Deka product line is built for virtually any motive power application and rises above other battery offerings – time and time again. Here are some of the technologies that make it possible.

Raw Materials

By having a single-site with four fully equipped technical centers, East Penn is able to test all incoming raw materials. Producing this material onsite allows the company to control quality and supply demands.


East Penn utilizes highly sophisticated machines to cast superior, heavy-duty flat plate grids. Computer control processes deliver a high level of consistency meaning no missing wires, thin spots, or flashing.


Paste is applied uniformly using East Penn’s automatic computer integrated pasting machines resulting in excellent material retention and conductivity. The density and formulation of the active material is carefully controlled to predetermined values.


Deka plates are cured in large temperature and moisture controlled chambers. The exclusive curing process paired with the unique crystallization structure of Deka’s active material optimizes the plate’s performance and extends life.


East Penn uses exclusive formation processes that ensures optimized power capacity, cell consistency, and long term reliability from every plate and ultimately each cell, in terms of amp-hour capacity and cycle life.

Multiple Step Retention System

This highly effective five-step retention system is a key component of the extended longevity that comes from a Deka product. This unique system completely strengthens and protects the battery’s vital components while maximizing power flow and preventing life-threatening shorts.