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Battery Council International (BCI) Releases New Lithium Awareness Video

East Penn Manufacturing Co. is proud to be a partner in the release of BCI’s new lithium battery training toolkit to aid lead battery sorters and handlers in identifying lithium batteries. This toolkit of electronic resources is available to the public free-of-charge and includes a training video, poster, and flyer.


BCI’s goal is to decrease and ultimately eliminate lithium batteries from entering the lead battery recycling stream. The lead battery recycling process was uniquely designed for lead batteries; it is one of the core drivers of lead batteries’ over 99 percent recycling rate. However, when lithium batteries enter the lead battery recycling stream, they pose a serious threat to lead battery recyclers’ employees and equipment. This is because lithium batteries can explode when they are crushed during the lead battery recycling process.


“We want to spread the word about this important resource with as many people as possible. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved over the past year,” say Kevin Moran, BCI’s executive vice president.


To access the lithium battery training toolkit and learn more about BCI, visit