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East Penn Introduces The Second Series of Four Deka Battery Training Videos

We are pleased to announce the release of a second series of new instructional training videos.

A range of key topics are covered in this next series of training videos, such as making the right marine battery choice, benefits of Deka lawn & garden batteries, being a battery solution provider, and knowing the facts about batteries.

These videos are designed to equip our sales force with a highly effective tool to educate and aid in selling Deka battery products. They will also help instill more confidence with customers when talking about the many Deka battery types, benefits, and application needs.

The second series of videos can be viewed below. The first series of videos can be viewed here.

These training videos are housed on the Transportation page of the East Penn Website. Scroll to the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section at the bottom of the page and click on “Training Videos” under that section.


Providing Battery Solutions


Keep Safe and Know the Facts


Lawn & Garden Batteries


Choosing the Right Marine Battery