COMMUNICATIONS (5G/Wireline/Cable)

COMMUNICATIONS (5G/Wireline/Cable) Products


East Penn offers the highest quality, highest performance battery solutions designed to meet the specific demands of all your communications needs including 5G small cell rollout, traditional wireline, and cable broadband system applications.  Our products are engineered and tested to provide reliable, long-lasting power – where and when you need it.


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East Penn has over 90 warehouses and distribution centers in North America to service your reserve power battery delivery needs. Our network of company-owned and operated facilities and premier sales and service staff delivers the industry’s leading logistical support, with a long history of superior order fill percentages and on-time delivery service. East Penn also has a professional team of dedicated sales representatives to service custom product requests and special accounts.


Our reserve power solutions deliver the industry’s most reliable backup power supply to critical business applications. Here are some of the technologies that make it possible.

Raw Materials
Our single-site manufacturing facility features four fully-equipped technical centers that test all incoming raw materials. Producing material on-site allows us to control quality and supply demands.

Grid Alloy and Casting
The positive grid contains a pure virgin lead (99.9%) and a tin alloy. The precision alloy blend, high conductivity design, and tested integrity ensures our grids deliver optimal performance and long life. Computer-controlled processes deliver the highest level of structural and alloy consistency throughout each cell, module, and battery system across all reserve power battery lines.

Proprietary Formula Pasting & Curing
Paste is applied uniformly using our automatic computer-integrated pasting machines, delivering excellent material retention and conductivity. The density and formulation of the active material is carefully controlled to predetermined values, and an exclusive curing process paired with the unique crystallization structure of the company’s special active material optimizes the plate’s performance and extends battery life.

Exclusive Individual Plate Formation® Technology (IPF)
East Penn is the only reserve power battery manufacturer in North America to utilize this exclusive, quality-enhancing technology. Plates are individually and strategically formed in open tanks and visually inspected to meet our rigid IPF specifications. This optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability from every plate, and ultimately each cell, in terms of amp-hour capacity and cycle life.

Two-Step Formation Process
Deka Unigy batteries go through an exclusive two-step formation/charging process. Step one is Individual Plate Formation using IPF Technology. Step two is placing the cell through a boost-charging phase. This process guarantees all Deka Unigy batteries ship at 100% of rated capacity – exceeding the industry standard.

The Valve and MICROCATTM Catalyst
Exclusive to all Deka Unigy batteries, East Penn makes a special valve that is manufactured on-site, and 100% tested for performance. Deka Unigy II batteries feature the exclusive MICROCAT Catalyst built into the valve – helping to ensure a 20-year design life.